Monthly Archives: January 2015

Dementia and Imagination Study

Clarence Medical Centre is proud to announce that we have been a part of a study scheme into Dementia patients over the last couple of years.  Recently we have received correspondence detailing how our involvement has aided patients into becoming part of this scheme.

The scheme has offered their appreciation for the interest we were able to gain from the Rhyl community.  Two consecutive groups were set up at the library in Rhyl, North Wales and also with the art team in Denbighshire County Council, offering members the opportunity to continue this service after their involvement with the three month Dementia and Imagination art group finished.

The group met for the first time last Thursday (15/01) as the new ‘Lost in Art group’ under the guidance of  local artist Lisa Carter.  The session was well received and proved to be a relaxed and creative experience for all involved.  Clarence Medical Centre feel very proud to have been able to help in bringing this group together and the considerable benefits it will have for those that are involved.

Some images taken on the day:

IMG_20150115_123315245IMG_20150115_123326245You can download a flyer for the art group here: