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What is research?

Our colleagues at the ‘Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre’ have created a short video to promote research and help public understand why research is undertaken.

Take a look below…


Rhyl High art display

Recently at Clarence Medical Centre we were given the honour of displaying a range of art from Rhyl High School.  In addition to this Vaughan Gething, Health Minister for Wales came to the surgery to meet the research team and also see the art displayed for patients and staff to enjoy.  Pictured with one of our GPs, Dr Lisa Williams.


Pace Study recruitment

Pace Logo

Clarence Medical Centre are delighted to have contributed to the successful recruitment of the  PACE study and would like to give a big thankyou to all patients who participated.  We would also like to thank the PACE study team at Cardiff University, especially Nigel for all his help and support and look forward to working with them again on further studies.

We were sent this as a thankyou for our involvement:

PACE Study – Notice of end of patient recruitment 

We are delighted to share with you the news that we have now reached our target of 650 recruited participant’s to the PACE study!  Naturally, we could not have achieved this without your dedicated support and that of your patients, for which we are very grateful.”

Cardiff University.

Cedar Trial recruitment

untitledIt was a great feeling recently to discover we are the first site in Wales to recruit a patient to CEDAR.  Research is such an important step in the development of new interventions.  The recruitment process was fairly smooth but the CEDAR team were fantastic and gave us lots of advice and guidance. 

For us it was important to support an intervention that could have a huge impact on reducing the amount of antibiotics being prescribed.  This was echoed by the parents which is really encouraging.  The parents were more than happy to take part and seemed really interested in a different intervention. 

We have shared our success with the whole team.  Hopefully this has encouraged them to spot our next recruit and embed research further into routine practice.

The DiSCo Research Project

The DiSCo project (Dietetic Support in the Community) is a primary care rooted study,  led by Clarence Medical Centre in Rhyl,  the local Public Health Dietitian, and  the Research and Development Department within BCUHB. The project’s key focus is to better understand the challenges which people encounter when trying to manage long term weight management difficulties.  Coming from a prudent health and collaborative point of view, DiSCo hopes to make an important step in considering what is vital to the patient in managing their weight and health, so that primary care services can respond more effectively in the future.

DiSCo is now at the stage of analysing data, having completed the focus groups with patients. Already the team are making strides in understanding how they can support people in proactive and individualised ways. This project also highlights the centrality of qualitative approaches to capturing people’s experiences, thoughts, reflections and concerns in an open and inclusive way, so as to help inform the delivery of evidence based practice in community dietetics and other agencies related to health and wellbeing in the future.

Results for DiSCo will be ready by early 2017, and will provide valuable insight as to “what’s next” in terms of service development for people with weight issues.

This P2P (Pathway to Portfolio) project has provided the DiSCo team with an important opportunity to embark on a collaborative project addressing a serious health issue whilst developing the research skills necessary to take the step towards a feasibility intervention study to develop the dietetics provision within primary care.

Biographical information

Chief Investigator: Dr Simon Dobson MB ChB MRCGP (Manchester 1991) Senior Partner and Research Lead GP, Clarence Medical Centre, Rhyl


Principal Investigator: Sian Jenkinson, Public Health Dietician, Central and Network Lead for Obesity


Trial Manager: Gwyn Hughes Research Studies Lead, Clarence Medical Centre, Rhyl

Over the years I have seen and been involved in a lot of changes within the NHS most of them are to improve treatments and service provision. I’m really excited to be involved with this great project and I hope we can make a difference. Collaboration on any scale is an absolute necessity to improve health and social care.


The DiSCo team busy analysiing the research data.



Top recruiter

Clarence Medical Centre is once again happy to report that we have been given TOP RECRUITER honours in Wales for the first three months of 2016 with the following figures:

Category Number
Recruited: 27
Samples: 26
Blood: 20
Saliva: 6

The company we have been working with said it was “incredibly impressive that you have a track record of near 100% of collecting samples for every participant and is something everyone here at the study team would love for you to keep up the great work!” – Edward Grinyer Trial Coordinator, CANDID

Primary Care and Population Sciences

Clarence Medical Centre would like to congratulate everyone involved, patients and staff for helping us reach this goal.