Leah Armitage

LeahPic1Reasearch Nurse


Qualified January 2011, so almost 5 years qualified now.


Advanced Diploma in Adult Nursing- University of Leeds 2008-2011

Diploma in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Open University 2012

Mentorship and Assessment- University of Cumbria 2013

Community Nurse Practitioner Prescribing- University of Cumbria 2014

Evidence Based Practice- University of Cumbria 2015

BSc (hons) Nursing Practice- University of Cumbria 2015

BSc in Nursing Practice with First Class Honours


If i’m completly honest, throughout my training research has always been a scary subject, the terminology can be truley mind-boggeling. Nursing and Medicine are beginning to overlap increasingly and research is becoming more emboddied in the nursing role. To enable healthcare proffesionals and patients to make effective and safe choices regarding care, valid and reliable research must be available. My interest in Research began following the completion of an Evidence Based Practice module earlier this year and I have been lucky to start at Clarence Medical Centre and put the theory into practice with the Research Team!